The Mission: Our mission is simple: FOAMZY integrates comfort and life! Whatever you do, wherever you are—we want to bring more comfort to your particular time and place.

The Vision: Integrating comfort into daily life means a radical shift in the possibilities and perception of what life can be. We imagine a future where comfort is fused with every facet of life, from work to leisure and everything in between—comfort is a right, not a privilege! Added comfort makes us all happier, healthier, and—dare we say it—better people.

Our Values: Fun, happiness, love, respect, integrity, teamwork, quality, and, most of all, COMFORT.

About Foamzy: With the invention of the one and only, first of its kind, fully-integrated Comfort Hoodie FOAMZY seamlessly merges comfort with life! FOAMZY was invented in Cincinnati, Ohio by professional brewmaster-cum-inventor Mitchell Dougherty. The first prototype was sewn in Buckeye, Arizona by the inventor's mother, Carla. The second generation prototype was created with Sew Valley out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The final rounds of prototyping have been completed with Product Refinery who is also in Cincinnati, Ohio!

About Mitch: Owner and inventor Mitchell Dougherty is the 4th generation from a small town in Arizona. He has followed his passion for crafting and hard work throughout his life, becoming a professional brewer at the age of 21. After 17 years of work in the brewing industry, he decided to pursue his childhood dream and create a fun, practical product that everyone can enjoy. FOAMZY is that dream!